Parrot AR.Drone Helicopter - controlled thru wifi in Chai Chee Street, East Singapore for sale

Parrot AR.Drone Helicopter - controlled thru wifi

Parrot AR.Drone Helicopter
It's a prize from NOI, 2012. Got for 2 weeks. Charged and tried once. It flys and shows everything its two camera see on your phone. I'm selling it for 20% offer of its Singaporelisted price. Thanks.
1. This helicopter has 4 DC brushless motor. Speed up to 3.5k RPM.
2. It can fly high/low and move around in any direction.
3. Itself functions as a wifi hotspot so any small phone can link to it.
4. And the control experience is amazing - just by your phone's position/attitude sensors.
5. It is equipped with a wide angle video camera (plus another verticle camera) and whatever it can see is showing on your phone in real time without delay.
6. It has a protection shell in case you like to play it indoor. As you see in the pic, this 4-circle shell can be removed when you play outdoor.
6. Come with rechargeable battery and charger.
Below is a link to Singaporelisted for more specification